Blue & orange cake (doctored cake mix)

AIMG_4304nd now I’d like to announce that I am officially attending the University of Florida College of Medicine! (Starry eyes) I will be joining the class of 2019 this July. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity, as well as for all the people who have helped me get here.

Now for the special cake- I wanted to make a blue and orange cake so I made two layers and then added a third of cheesecake.


  • box cake mix French Vanilla
  • butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 2% milk
  • Jello no bake cheesecake mix
  • food coloring
  • cream cheese frosting
  • two 9″ round pans
  • Wilton bake even baking strips

Make the boxed cake mix but with the following modifications: 1) substitute the oil with butter and double the amount, 2) add an extra egg, 3) use milk instead of water. Divide the mix between the two pans, color them blue and orange (go gators!), and bake until a knife comes out clean. While you are waiting, whip up the cheesecake mix. When the cake is cooled, layer the cake so that the cheesecake mix is in between. Frost with cream cheese frosting.

The idea for the modifications was found here. I thought the cake did turn out better than regular box cake, but didn’t notice a substantial difference. I loved the baking strips, which worked like magic and resulted in perfectly leveled cakes. The idea behind the baking strips is to create an insulation so that the sides of the pan don’t get as hot and bake at the same rate as the center. Because of time constraints, I used the no bake cheesecake filling mix from the box, which I really didn’t like. If I had more time I would whip up cheesecake from scratch.



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